The Speakers of 2009

Yay, we are now at 2010.

Node.js might be the most exciting single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe. Ryan received standing ovations for his talk and he really deserved it! is over, but the November JavaScript Crazyness keeps rocking! Remy Sharp invites you to his JavaScript conference Full Frontal in Brighton. Take it away Remy:


Today is Monday. In 4 days time JavaScripters from across the UK and Europe will be coming together for the UK based JavaScript conference: Full Frontal. After being at " -- The JavaScript Conference") last weekend, I couldn't be more excited about getting a community of front end developers together again.

Full Frontal is really close to selling out, and I wanted to make a deal with you: if we sell out, Left Logic (my company, consisting of just me) promises to buy everyone a drink at the after party to kick off a great evening.

So if you're someone who's been thinking about coming along, or you know someone, this is the week to get your ticket.

The lineup consists of great topics by awesome speakers Christian Heilmann, Robert Nyman, PPK, Stuart Langridge, Todd Kloots, Jake Archibald and Simon Willison. The full schedule and abstracts are available on the web site:

Like I said, we're *really close* to selling out, so make your move now to get those last few tickets and the drinks are on me :)

Thanks Remy, this sounds like a great deal! See you all in Brighton!


Only a few days until 2009. We are getting more excited every minute. Here are some infos to get you started:

The venue is

ÏMA Design Village
Ritterstraße 12
10969 Berlin, Germany

Preconference-Meetup (starting around 20:30 h) on Friday will be at

Bier Kombinat Kreuzberg
Manteuffelstrasse 53
10999 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (30) 23132805

Check out the schedule at or even HERE
Yes, we start at 08:30 :)

The Saturday Night Party will be at

HomeBase Lounge
Köthener Straße 44,
10963 Berlin

And the official Twitter hash tag will be


If you have more questions please comment on this post!

Finally: the Schedule!

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True story, when Holger, Malte and Jan were doing their weekly Skype call last week and looked at the pre-final schedule for, they could hardly contain their excitement. Think about three boys getting the Lego pirate ship, space station and all the city gear for christmas :)

We're proud too have such a great line-up, we're happy this all worked out so far and we're glad all the speakers take the time and head to Berlin just for our little conference.


Thanks everybody for helping making this happen, especially our sponsors: SinnerSchrader,, Nokia and of course -- You all rock!

See you in 3 days in Berlin!

Unless our isn't finished yet -- the API-key generation took somehow longer than expected -- you will find our tight-packed schedule with 25+ awesome talks HERE.

Be prepared for a marathon of two days of inspiring action, plenty of room for the social-thing, some fine-food & two parties for all of us.

We try to make as much of a community event as a technology event. As we announced earlier there is going to be a big party on Saturday night. Besides this main event we'll have two more chances to meetup and enjoy berlin at night. Friday there is going to be a pre-conference meetup at Bier Kombinat Kreuzberg. (There is a link to the place's website on the Google Map. Seriously, don't click on it :) The meetup starts at 20:30 (8:30 pm). We (as in the organizers) are trying to be there as well depending on the progress on getting things fixed up for the conference.

party.jpgOn Sunday we'll have a post conference party right at the venue sponsored by SinnerSchrader (The company that employs two of the organizers and that did all the pre-financing for the conference). We'll have music, fancy visuals and, of course, beer :)

Hope to see all of you there!

homebase-party.pngWe've been talking about the conference party on and off for a while now. Today, we have some details for you.

After a long search for the best location, we finally settled on the Home Base Berlin for so many reasons that it doesn't make sense to list them all. It's in central Berlin, it is great and we're gonna rock that house!

Top Three

  1. November 7th, 21:00, Home Base Berlin.
  2. Free entry if you have a ticket, 11,90€ otherwise. Register here.

The last point is important. While our party is the pivotal point for where all the attendees & speakers can mingle, drink, chat and have fun, we don't want it to be an exclusive club.

We are inviting the Berlin tech scene to join us at the Home Base Berlin to celebrate not only a great conference and our amazing group of speakers, but also Berlin itself as the perfect location for a thriving, innovative and most of all fun place to work and live. Let's show our international guests how Berlin knows to party!

Good news everyone! Since you are in Berlin anyway, attending, why not top it off with a JavaScript Master Class by our very own speakers Amy & Thomas?


The course website has all the information you might need to get going. Seating is limited. Hope to see you there!

Attendee discretion is advised, learning too much JavaScript in three days might cause brain meltage.

ajax.org_bl_kl.jpgTheir mission: Providing tools for the realtime web. Their dedication: Simple, flexible and fast user interfaces and development tools. Their latest commitment: To support in Berlin. This is why we're proud to present as our advanced silver sponsor! platform is an open source project based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They noticed that web trends and technologies today are converging to do one thing particularly well: collaborate. Platform combines technology and open standards into a solution to build web applications with rich collaborative features at minimum expense. It's aimed at developers for building applications that run in web browsers, but with all the good parts of desktop applications.

We're happy to welcome as sponsor but are also looking forward to Mike de Boer, Open Source Evangelist, and Ruben Daniels, Lead Developer of, as part of the programme presenting Building collaborative applications with Platform.

We're completely sold out now. There might be some people who purchased a ticket but cannot attend. Write an email to to be placed on the wait list. Kind words on why you have to be there, might help :)

We recently wrote a post with some basic info for attendees about including hotels, times and parties. Some people seem to have missed this post in the overall buzz.

The speakers page is now updated with all the speakers that have been announced to date. The list is already quite awesome and there are even more to come!

ovi1N_green_RGB_rev.pngAs posted earlier, we're half way there. Today we're more than happy to announce Nokia as our platinum sponsor supporting us on this way!

Since Berlin is not only the location for the but also the base of Nokia's Social Location Services, getting together couldn't have been easier. Of course, there is a bit more to it as Nokia is doing some big shifts towards web technology. The mobile Internet is one of the trend topics, we know that for sure. From this point of view Javascript might become the most important programming language in the mobile industry. Not just for websites, but for powerful standalone applications and widgets.

Looking at our speakers list and the topics covered the best of Javascript expertise will be present in November. A great reason for everyone but also one of the reasons why Nokia wants to be part of the conference. It's the opportunity to get hands on the latest stuff, trends, knowledge and engage in expanding their network. Our sponsoring partner does not only want to get in touch on-site but also share new gained input to the rest of their lads. That's pretty cool, we think. What you think matters even more as Nokia is looking forward to get some real feedback on their new Ovi SDK and APIs waiting for you to be tested.

The last 25 tickets went away in no time. Looking forward to November, 7th!

As promised, we have now 25 additional tickets for sale. We expect them to go fast, so get them while they are hot.

We're still shaping and we don't yet know all the details, but we thought it'd be a good idea to give you an overview and summary of what we have planned for you:

Here is a preliminary list of speakers. We'll be announcing more as they come in:

Amy Hoy, Thomas Fuchs, John Resig, Dion Almaer & Ben Galbraith, Douglas Crockford, Ryan Dahl, Kevin Dangoor, Kyle Simpson, Steve Souders.

We'll open breakfast at 08:30 on both days, but don't rush too fast (especially on the after-party morning) because the programme starts at 09:30 on Saturday and 09:45 on Sunday. Expect Bacon.

We'll break for coffee on 11:00 and 16:00 hours and serve lunch at 13:00. In between we give you the best of JavaScript talks in two tracks.

Both days run until around 19:00 (expect some overtime) when we'll give you a chance to check out a bit of Berlin, but not for too long! On 21:00 we'll follow up with a post-conference party each day.

Track B, The Underground Track
At in Washington, Track B was a truly BarCamp style track with all sorts of really great ad-hoc content. We're bringing Track B over to, but with a twist. Because the presentation proposals we received for Track A were mind blowing, leaving us devastated that we had to pick a select few, we decided to use some of Track B to give you more JavaScript goodness and to allow more speakers to attend and share their spirit & knowledge. We're not losing the BarCamp spirit though. Track B, now dubbed "The Underground Track" (you'll learn soon enough why :), is a fair mixture of scheduled presentations with enough free space in between for anybody to sign up for any addition talk he or she might want to give, true BarCamp style.

The Saturday party will be pivotal to as we'll invite Berlin locals that couldn't make it to to meet, greet & drink with the speakers & attendees. Details on both parties are not fixed yet, but we'll post them here as soon as possible.

It might sound like a good idea to travel back home on Sunday night, but you'll be missing another farewell get-together. Besides, despite what your boss thinks, we hope to have blown your mind over the weekend that you probably don't want to work on Monday anyway, so why the rush? :)

Our speaker hotel is the lovely Hotel New Berlin. In addition we have reserved a small contingent of rooms for participants as well. If you're booking with the code JSCONF, you'll get a special rate until October 9. It is valid for three nights on the 6th, 7th & 8th of November.

The Google maps search for hotels close to the venue gives you some more options ranging from high-class to backpacker-hostel. was sold out last week. We promised to get back to you this week to tell you if we can release more tickets. We worked out a plan with our venue, the ÏMA Design Village, that fits our budget that allows us to release another 25 tickets to the public.

To make sure everybody gets a fair chance at grabbing one, we're now announcing that we'll open the ticket sales for the final 25 tickets on Thursday, October 1st, 17:00 CEST (GMT +2).

Be sure to be set and ready to go on Thursday. We expect the remaining tickets to sell out fairly quick.

Watch this space and our @jsconfeu twitter account.

UPDATE: We released 25 more tickets.

Hey All,

first of all we are happy that all tickets that were planned to be sold have now been sold. Our goal for is to make it as intense and focused as we experienced it at the US event earlier this year. We thus planned to keep the conference at a similar size.

However, the final 30 tickets have been sold surprisingly fast and so we decided to try to make room for a few more people (the final number will be between 10 and 30).

The plans are not finalized yet. Expect the announcement around the start of next week. Be sure to follow us on twitter to hear about the new tickets as soon as possible.

Due to the large number of very high quality proposals we decided to prepone the deadline of our call for speakers. The new deadline for proposals for track A is September 6th, 2009.

Make sure you submit your proposal in time.

Our call for speakers is ending September 13th, so make sure you have your submissions in by then.

We already received an astounding number of very high quality submissions. You guys and girls are just awesome!

Here are some of the proposed topics:

  • HTML 5 & JavaScript APIs
  • Narwhal JS and the Future of Server JS
  • Mobile JavaScript: Web, Native and Hybrid Applications
  • ARIA enabled jQuery Widgets
  • JavaScript MVC
  • Joyent Smart Platform (SSJS Cloud Platform)
  • Unittesting JavaScript with Evidence
  • jQuery UI, jQuery validation plugin
  • Dojox.gfx cross-browser JavaScript graphics and Charting
  • Solving Cross-Domain Issues When Building Mashups
  • Javascript and "Zero-Knowledge web applications"
  • Building Information Visualization Ajax Applications
  • to dom or not to dom - that's the question
  • Writing apps on the edge with CouchDB
  • Client-server state synchronization using JSON
  • Web App Development through APIs and Shared Templates
  • Better UI architecture
  • Loading Javascript: so easy a caveman could do it!
  • One Event Loop to Rule Them All
  • node.js

We'd also like to remind you that we are still selling early bird tickets. Make sure to get your's before they run out.


JSConf in Washington, DC in April this year proved to be the homecoming of a JavaScript community that didn't know it existed. The conference got top marks all around for content, community and fun. With, we let that spirit live on and give JavaScript a home in Europe. (why let the americans have all the fun? :)

Mark November 7th/8th in your calendar, we'll be presenting top speakers in the field and a relaxing atmosphere in Berlin, Germany's pulsing capital. Join us for a two-day, community-focussed indie conference with top technical content around your favourite language and great opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Our speakers so far include:

Amy Hoy,
Thomas Fuchs,
John Resig,
Dion Almaer &
Ben Galbraith

We'll be announcing more great speakers in the coming weeks.

We are still looking for the greatest minds, the most interesting projects as well as insight into frameworks and tools all around the JavaScript language — client side, server side, dark side of the moon.

We're concerned about diversity in our industry and would like to encourage more women to do talks.

If you are interested in presenting at or if you want to recommend somebody please let us know!

The call for speakers is now closed.