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Party Time!

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homebase-party.pngWe've been talking about the conference party on and off for a while now. Today, we have some details for you.

After a long search for the best location, we finally settled on the Home Base Berlin for so many reasons that it doesn't make sense to list them all. It's in central Berlin, it is great and we're gonna rock that house!

Top Three

  1. November 7th, 21:00, Home Base Berlin.
  2. Free entry if you have a ticket, 11,90€ otherwise. Register here.

The last point is important. While our party is the pivotal point for where all the attendees & speakers can mingle, drink, chat and have fun, we don't want it to be an exclusive club.

We are inviting the Berlin tech scene to join us at the Home Base Berlin to celebrate not only a great conference and our amazing group of speakers, but also Berlin itself as the perfect location for a thriving, innovative and most of all fun place to work and live. Let's show our international guests how Berlin knows to party!

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