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Sold out for now, but we'll make something happen!

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Hey All,

first of all we are happy that all tickets that were planned to be sold have now been sold. Our goal for is to make it as intense and focused as we experienced it at the US event earlier this year. We thus planned to keep the conference at a similar size.

However, the final 30 tickets have been sold surprisingly fast and so we decided to try to make room for a few more people (the final number will be between 10 and 30).

The plans are not finalized yet. Expect the announcement around the start of next week. Be sure to follow us on twitter to hear about the new tickets as soon as possible.

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I really really want to get 2 tickets! I'll do whatever it takes, and if that means fixing IE bugs on all your client sites - so be it : ). But please give me a chance to attend.

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