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Alexander Lang: Writing apps on the edge with CouchDB

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Berlin local Alexander Lang, will be presenting on building edgy web apps with CouchDB and JavaScript.

ALang_sw.jpgMore and more applications move away from classic desktop apps into the Internet. Taking HTML/CSS, JavaScript and today's browsers we can develop complex apps with rich user interfaces. The problem of these "cloud" applications is that they rely on central servers and a permanent internet connection, which even today is not always available.

In this talk I demonstrate how to write applications that can run on servers as well as locally on a computer. After being offline any data changes can be synchronized back easily, using CouchDB and its replication features.

Alex's Bio:
Alex is the CEO of Upstream Agile GmbH in Berlin where he has been writing mostly Ruby/Rails webapps since 2005. One day he wanted to pass two blocks into a Ruby method but couldn't so he decided to learn JavaScript and his appreciation of the language has been growing since that day.

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