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JavaScript in the age of HTML 5 and CSS 3 - Faruk Ateş

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The awesome Faruk Ateş will be talking about using JavaScript in the age of HTML5 and CSS 3.

FAtes_sw.jpgBrowsers are slowly implementing bits and pieces of HTML 5 and CSS 3. What does this mean for JavaScript? For years, JavaScript authors have created tools and libraries that supplement older browsers with the technologies of modern ones, but the landscape is changing. What are these things that are slowly rendering a useful part of the JavaScript world obsolete, and why is that a good thing for JavaScript authors?

Faruk's Bio:
Faruk Ateş is a creative design & web development consultant living in San Francisco. He writes and speaks about making great websites, advocates Web Standards & Web Accessibility and is the original creator of Modernizr, a toolkit that helps you use exciting CSS3 and HTML5 features to enrich your website with.

Faruk previously worked as a User Interface engineer at Apple, is a
Web Standards Project member and writes a blog at

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