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Loading JavaScript: Even a caveman can do it

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Kyle Simpson, aka Getify, will be talking about "Loading JavaScript: Even a caveman can do it."

No matter how awesome your JavaScript code is, we all face the same problem: how to squeeze it down the wire and get it loaded and running in the browser as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are about as many ways to approach this problem as there are developers trying to solve it, which makes the landscape of JavaScript Loading solutions confusing and painful to navigate. But it doesn't have to be so ugly. We're gonna break it down so you can come away feeling more confident in how best to load your JavaScript. Several common strategies will be covered, including:

  • Build-time versus on-the-fly techniques
  • Code organization/compression (minification, gzip, etc)
  • File concatenation
  • Inline scripts
  • Dynamic parallel loading of JavaScript resources (LABjs, etc)
  • Cache optimization (initialization profiling, on-demand loading, pre-fetching, etc)

Kyle's bio:
KSimpson_sw.jpgKyle Simpson is a UI architect from Austin, TX. He is passionate about user experience, specifically optimizing the UI to be as responsive, efficient, secure, and scalable as possible. He considers JavaScript the ultimate language and is constantly tinkering with how to push it further. If something can't be done in JavaScript, he's bored by it. He has a number of open-source projects, including flXHR, LABjs, mpAjax, and jXHR, and he also is a core contributor to SWFObject.

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