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Malte Ubl: J2EE

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malte_ubl.jpgBecause Malte heavily underestimated the effort to take part in organizing this conference he also commited himself to speaking at the event. The title of his talk is J2EE which somehow doesn't make sense because Malte is not exactly known to be a Java fanboy.

Malte's Bio
Malte specializes in web based rocket science for Germany's leading internet agency SinnerSchrader.
Socialized with Smalltalk in the 90s Malte later explored the depth of Perl and most other programming languages until falling in love with JavaScript. He is the creator of the Joose meta object system which transfer concepts from a multitude of programming languages into JavaScript in a way that feels both powerful and native to the core language.

Malte likes to build stuff. You might meet him on the web doing web worker integration for bespin, tracking the one event loop to rule them all, saving the environment or inventing massively parallel crowd-sourced JavaScript app server clouds.

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