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Mobile JavaScript - Presenting Mr. Brian LeRoux

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Brian LeRoux, of PhoneGap fame, will be presenting on mobile JavaScript at Speaking from experience from JSConf.US he will also play an important part of the beer | party track and will make sure that we have quality bacon available.

BLeRoux_sw.jpgThe mobile web is growing super fast with devices like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and the new Palm Pre leading the charge. In this talk you will learn what this crazy tiny window to the web means to a JavaScript developer. Hacking on various mobile devices you'll learn about the typical architecture for a mobile app, performance optimization, caching, progressive enhancement, testing, tradeoffs between platforms, a nifty newish library called XUI and, of course, going hybrid with PhoneGap. Warning: this talk will be code heavy, pixel perfect and possibly a touch vulgar.

Brian's Bio
Brian LeRoux is the lead software architect at Nitobi Inc. where he focuses on delivering apps. The lengthy list of his accomplishments is lengthy and the acronyms to sufficiently annotate his dizzying array of skills is dizzying. Suffice to say, Brian believes that the future of the web is mobile and will rely on open standards, free open source software and hackers like you.

Check out his awesome performance at JSConf.US:

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