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Remy "Full Frontal" Sharp on HTML5 JavaScript APIs

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Remy Sharp (who is also doing the Full Frontal JavaScript conference (which we highly recommend)) will be talking about the HTML5 JavaScript APIs.
RSharp_sw.jpgHTML5 is all the rage with the cool kids, and although there's a lot of focus on the new language, there's lots of interesting new JavaScript APIs both in the HTML5 spec and separated out. This presentation will take you through demos and code behind the new JavaScript APIs, and explore where these features can be used.

Remy's bio
Remy Sharp is a developer, author, speaker and blogger. Remy started in web development 10 years ago as the sole developer for a finance web site, and as such, was exposed to all aspects running the web site during, and long after, the dotcom boom.

Today he runs his own Brighton UK based development company called Left Logic, coding and writing about JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Perl and anything else he can get his hands on.

Some links of interest: JS Bin, HTML5 demos and HTML5 Doctor (where Remy is a contributing author).

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