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Tobie Langel: Unittesting JavaScript with Evidence

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Prototype's co-maintainer Tobie Langel will talk about Unittesting JavaScript with Evidence at

Evidence is a new, framework-agnostic unit testing library which I developed out of necessity and frustration with the existing offering. Although it's heavily inspired by it's Ruby, Python and Java couterparts, Evidence is packed with niceness targeted at the specificities of the JavaScript language and its different environments.

Hopefully this introduction to Evidence will give you the motivation, tools and knowledge to start unit testing your JavaScript code if you are not doing so already.

Tobie's Bio:
tobie.jpgTobie Langel is a web consultant specialized in front-end programming and user interface architecture. His clients include corporate giants, one-man startups and about everything in between.

Tobie co-maintains Prototype, one of the most successful JavaScript framework, which notably powers Apple's MobileMe, 37Signals' web apps or the Palm's Pre phone. He is also working on a number of other open-source projects such as Google's Caja, PDoc or the soon to be released Bridal and Evidence libraries.

When he's not busy helping make the web a better place, Tobie's usually found on the road or in the studio drumming for some of Switzerland's finest jazz bands.

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