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Video: Node.js by Ryan Dahl

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Node.js might be the most exciting single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe. Ryan received standing ovations for his talk and he really deserved it!

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Node.js by Scott's Thoughts to 01.12.09 23:39

Node.js looks interesting. Its about page says that it's goal is to "provide an easy way to build scalable network programs." Build them using JavaScript, that is. Ryan Dahl's talk at JSConf is a long-ish watch, but good.... More

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I have admittedly become a bit fascinated with Node.js lately. In part because it uses that most mundane of web programming languages, JavaScript… the language looked down upon by so many, but actually quite powerful with the right tools. In part... More

What is it about Node.js that makes it interesting to developers? The key factors are performance, timing, and focusing on a real problem that wasn't easily solved with other server-side dynamic languages. More

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